AVATARS R US by Eleanor Darby Wright

AVATARS R US by Monica Graz
“Oh, Naomi,” said the excited Count, raising his arms to me. “I thought there for a moment that you had been changed. Oh, my darling, come to me.”
Like an idiot, I went. I was taken in his arms, caressed, brought into his bed with him and impaled on his massive erection that he was so proud of. He had me hold onto it to prevent him coming too quickly as he took me in my tush just as if I was a woman. I gathered in distress, that I had taken him in that fashion, many times before.
Finally, being kissed and fondled all over my body, my breasts on fire and with a definite erection of my own, Armand came inside me. Oh, gods, why me? Why did I have to do what I did? I let him come inside me!

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