THE WISHLOCK by January Snowden

THE WISHLOCK by January Snowden
It can be said of adults, but few give credit to children: that it is all in knowing how to keep their mouths shut. Particularly realizing that their dreams might border on the fantastic, if not the impossible, until it was accomplished. Have you never heard anyone say that they never knew someone could do something, as if it was considered unreal by them? In turn, have you ever seen that someone’s face, as if inwardly smiling, “If I’d told you before I did it, you wouldn’t be amazed or proud. You would’ve laughed.” Well, that was me, only I never told a soul…until now.
For now, for my own amusement, I share some of my adventures. Accept it as fact or fiction, I don’t care. And to add to your fun and or disbelief, every name has been changed – especially my own – to protect the innocent and for the guilty to be unconcerned.
I am neither a witch nor a warlock. You can call me “The Wishlock”.
172 pages.

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