791 HAROLD II by Cheryl Lynn

791 HAROLD II by Cheryl Lynn
In Harold Part 2, the story continues with our protagonist still trapped in the guise of an attractive young woman wearing retro 60’s fashion. Mrs. Gilmore’s gay nephew, Billy, is still intimidating Harold into acting like his girlfriend in public and her special tea is having more transforming effects on Harold’s body. Even more disturbing, Harold’s mother seems to be starting to think of him as her daughter, putting him in increasingly feminine outfits and treating him like a girl. While he still feels coerced into the feminine role, deep down in his subconscious Harold is starting to enjoy the feelings his new clothing and growing breasts give him. When the doctor tells him that his body can’t go back to masculine form and a new boy comes into his life, Harold comes to the conclusion that he is now feminized for life.
In the bonus story, Sugar Plum Fairy, we meet David, a delicate boy who is talented at ballet. David may not be a jock but until his teacher offers him the lead role in the Nutcracker Suite, the thought of wearing a tutu, tight leotard and bra never crossed his mind. To please Miss Daphne, the teacher he has a schoolboy crush on, he reluctantly agrees to take the role, never thinking that it just may be the role he was born to play.

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