792 THE MIRROR OF MY LOVE 2 by Nick Lorance

792 THE MIRROR OF MY LOVE 2 by Nick Lorance
Peter Stankowski is in WAY over his head. He has disguised himself as her missing sister to be with the girl he loves. He knew it was a crazy plan when he came up with it but never in a million years could he have imagined what it would lead to. He may look like a normal young woman but he still has the protective feelings toward the girl he loves that any man would have. Because of that, not only does he have to maintain the illusion of being her sister but he also has to defend her against the problems she runs into. He even saves her life when she has a skiing accident on the slopes. Then he has to deal with other boys who react to him as the pretty girl he appears to be. As if things aren’t complicated enough, they get even crazier when the missing sister turns up unexpectedly and threatens to expose him for the impostor he is. What can a young man do when the girl he loves thinks he is the sister she loves?

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