CROWNING GLORY by Carollyn Faith Olson

CROWNING GLORY by Carollyn Faith Olson
“Crowning Glory” could be my crowning writing effort.
The story line is a fictional account of the real-life adventures of my Vanity Club sisters Gina Stone and Katie Hightower and the-late Cynthia Decker. Gina has performed as a female model in South Africa and Katie and Cynthia are and have worked as women in their fields.
The story developed earlier this year after I discovered my ‘American Idol’ Lavern Cummings was alive and well in retirement in Las Vegas, NV. When I was a teen, I was awestruck by the female impersonators at San Francisco’s Finocchio’s Club. I couldn’t comprehend why men would dress as women. I first saw Lavern on a San Francisco television show and she became my idol. Little did I know where this would lead me!
I accidentally discovered, through a friend, an internet link to David deAlba, who performed with Lavern. I wrote David and he responded immediately. I found that he and Lavern had both retired in Las Vegas and now the three of us have become very good friends. I have also been fortunate to acquire some of Lavern’s jewelry which she wore on stage during her 30-year career.
David continues to perform as Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli and Boy-Chic in the Las Vegas area. I will include links for Lavern and David at the end of the story.

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