824 Made A Lady 2 by Blind Ruth

824 Made A Lady 2 by Blind Ruth
While it is certainly true that politics can make strange bedfellows, it seems unlikely that history has ever created a stranger pair than British Prime Minister Marie Ramsay and her Chancellor of the Exchequer, Abigail Middleton. The two have been carrying on a secret affair for years. Also unknown to the public is the fact that the Chancellor is a hermaphrodite. As if party politics and affairs of state aren’t enough to deal with, the Prime Minister is knocked for a loop when she finds out that she is pregnant with the Chancellor’s baby. As popular as P.M. Ramsay is with the public, it’s unlikely that the average Brit-on-the-street will react well to this made-for-the-tabloids story. With abortion ruled out, it’s clear that something drastic will have to be done. But what?

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