Tart by Gabrielle Johnson

Tart by Gabrielle Johnson
The music was deliberately slow and sensuous. I was used by now to dancing with other men. I put my arms about Brennan’s neck and let him steer me about the dance floor, his arms so strong as they hugged me tightly into him, my padded breasts a cushion against him. Well, it was payback time for the evening we had had even though it wasn’t quite the evening Moira and I had planned.
I’m not usually so nervous and on edge through the night, not now, when I go out with Moira. Most of the men whom I partner are younger and just glad to hold a girl like me. I felt Brennan’s head move as the piano eased through the My Fair Lady songbook. I shivered as he kissed my forehead, my cheek and then my lips.

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