My Mother Made Me A TS! by Bebe Talons

My Mother Made Me A TS! by Bebe Talons
“Oh, Mom and Judy have been calling me Ronda, but I’d prefer you still refer to me as Ronny.”
At that moment, Katherine walked back into the room. They jumped apart with guilty expressions on their faces.
“Oh, Kevin, I forgot to tell you, Ronny is now Ronda, and to help the dear girl to adjust quicker, I would appreciate it if you would use her new name when referring to her or speaking to her. Do I make myself clear, Dear?”
Kevin gulped. Her veiled threat was patently clear, even to him!
“Yes, Ma’am,” he crumbled without a fight.
“Good. It’s good to understand one another,” she smiled, then left.
“Well, you heard her, Ronda,” Kevin whispered.
“I don’t have to like it!”
“No, but if it will help you out of this mess in the long run, I guess Ronda it will have to be!”

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