Paradise Island by Bea

Paradise Island by Bea
“Hush! Act properly!” she whispered firmly – then kissed me again, her hand now inside my chiffon overblouse and sliding up inside my halter.
What she was doing was suddenly clear. “You’re so strong, Keri!” I whispered and nuzzled into her neck.
“That’s it! You my soft, pretty girl?” she asked, her hand now down at my erection, then unfastening the back of my pants and pulling the zipper down slowly.
“Oh yesss!” I hissed as her hand was now caressing my ass through my panties.
“What pretty panties! You’re so lovely!” She was saying and somehow, I found myself on my back on top of the bed, with her straddling me.
“See? You can act the part of the girl just fine!”

Also includes the short story, A Position In The Family.

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