Peter In Panties by Max Swyft

Peter In Panties an erotic ebook by Max Swyft

EXCERPT: Months ago Ariel had gradually weaned me of conventional sex. She used a host of reasons but most of them questioned my performance and her resulting lack of satisfaction.
“I can’t believe this,” I said indignantly, standing naked beside the bed, Frisky at rigid attention. She rolled over, stretched, said she’d watch while I did myself.
“Stroke it, sweets. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how.”
She twirled the discarded panties around her forefinger, slung them at my cock and they caught on the head. It brought a cheerless chuckle.
Her eyes met mine. “You can do it in my panties, sweets. Show them some respect. You do like the color don’t you?” she prompted.

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