Sissy In Kilts and Petticoats by Patricia Michelle

Sissy In Kilts and Petticoats, a TV novel  by Patricia Michelle

A lazy, rebellious 19 year old male is sent to a distant aunt in England to be straightened out and educated. He sees her son, Leslie, in kilts and refuses to wear them. The aunt declares he’ll be treated the age he acts and is laced into a corset and put in a childish bodice kilt, after being spanked by his governess. He’s laughed at and ridiculed by her teenage daughters. To deal with his disgusting urges a bow is tied on his dickie and 18 year old junior maid is assigned to masturbate him weekly.
After graduating he’s hired by one of the aunt’s friends as a junior groom. He’s taught more intimate services to perform. He’s constantly being prettied up and eventually is mistaken by a guest as a maid. Who insists on employing him. To hide his true identity the housekeeper glues on a pussy. He’s dressed in clothes meant for a 13 year old. The guest hires him, he thinks, as her maid, but she turns him into what she’s always wanted, a little girl, and take “her” shopping for more appropriate clothes.
She becomes even more confused when introduced to a 17 year old girl who’s to be her Nanny. Who shows her to her new room, the frilliest, daintiest, little girl’s room.

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