Sissy In Kilts and Petticoats 2 by Patricia Michelle

Sissy In Kilts and Petticoats 2 by Patricia Michelle

In book 2 his 18 year old Nanny declares she’s too young to bathe herself. When being bathed she is shocked by erotic sensations in her pussy. To her shame the Nanny proceeds to potty train her.
The Nanny thinks she’s been playing with her “flower” at night and puts mittens on her. She’s spanked when a bad, little girl and dummied for talking back.
She’s taken to a Doctor and given pills to improve her lack of boobies and boyish behind. There his “flower” suddenly does “creamies.” The doctor recommends dealing with her immature urges weekly.
There’s nothing she can do until she can figure out how to run away. Her “auntie” hires a teacher to home school her and she’s treated like a first grader. To make her less tomboyish the aunt sends her to dance class and charm school. Where she becomes a Junior Princess, dressed in a toddler-like uniform and her hair put in childish sausage curls. She can’t believe her aunt loves her new look and employs a seamstress to create a “more fitting” wardrobe with bloomers and bonnets.
She tries to runaway several times, unsuccessfully. She pretends to get lost and is put into a toddler’s harness from then on to keep it from happening again.. Eventually she becomes a Senior Princess and thinks she can escape until a Child Finder bracelet with a GPS tracking chip is locked on her wrist. She finally becomes a Debutante and is horrified when her Mistress arranges her first date.

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