Safe Haven by Mardee Louise Prynne

Safe Haven by Mardee Louise Prynne
The soft cotton felt so good between my finger tips that my hands began to quiver as I felt renewed energy start to flow through my groin. It felt good to be standing thee nude but for my socks, the blindingly white cotton panties held front of me like a ritual object raised toward heaven in a rite meant to assure that my innermost dreams would be reality. But this wasn’t simply a ritual, it was an ordeal imposed by Lois as if she were the priestess charged with testing me, the neophyte hoping fro acceptance into a mysterious and wonderful cult.
“Good work.” Lois’s voice cheered me on. “Now step into them, hold the waist ban, leg opening at the same time if you can so they don’t get too stretched out. Neat work! Didn’t I say you’re a natural? No watch me.”

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