860 He Became A Sweet Farm Girl by B C

860 He Became A Sweet Farm Girl by B C

We’ve all known a boy like Sandy. Slight of build and not interested in sports, Sandy always found it hard to fit in with the other boys. His life is shattered when his parents die. His Aunt Peg and Uncle Paul are willing to take him in. Sandy soon finds out, though, that he is not cut out for life on his family’s farm. Aunt Peg decides to have him help her around the house with the chores. She starts to slip hormones into Sandy’s meals, making him more feminine with each passing day. Unbeknownst to Peg or Sandy, though, Cousin Ben has also decided to dose Sandy’s food with feminizing chemicals. With a double dose of girl juice Sandy’s body rapidly starts taking on a girlish shape. In a matter of weeks, he has changed so much that it’s hard for anyone, including Sandy himself, to believe that he was ever a boy. This is Part One of a multi-part story.

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