Masks by Bebe Talons

Masks by Bebe Talons

I glanced into the mirror… God! I looked positively immoral and decadent and as sexy and as stunning as I have ever seen myself! My nipples stiffened and traced suggestive bumps in the lace when I moved! And I could just make out the shadow of my ersatz feminine sex at the juncture of my ivory thighs.
“My good Goddeth, girl!” Lana breathed in awe. “You are fantabulouth!”
“Yeah, not bad at all!” Lynda added.
“OK. Enough admiring the view. Thith gown still needth to be finithed. You!” Lana barked at poor Melvin. “Quit dawdling and get to work!”
“Yeth, Myth!” it whispered, curtseying as it started to pull the dress off so it could finish the hemming. And I was completely naked in front of it! But as far as that little fairy was concerned, I could have been a side of beef! It had no sexual interest in anyone nor anything that was not its Mistresses Lynda and/or Lana! Like I said, a damned little fairy!

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