CRÈME ou CAFÉ by Bébé Talons

Shyly, Mark raised his eyes and gazed at the rounded femininity seated before him. Her face showed her African heritage and he saw that she was the same black from head to toes, except between her toes and deep between her legs, she was pink! Her firm, proud breasts with their erect nipples stood upright and solid. Her slim waist flowed into lyre shaped hips that crept downward to her perfect thighs, calves and feet. Mark swallowed nervously as he stared at her worshipfully. He cleared his throat and managed, “You. . . you’re. . . beautiful!” he finally got out.
“Thank you, Sweetie,” she whispered, gathering him into her arms and holding him tightly against her welcoming breasts. “I’m going to like having you around!”

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