How I became My Wife’s Pony by Patricia Michelle

How I became My Wife's Pony by Patricia Michelle
Robert’s wife, Hilary, is an avid horsewoman. Sadly, one day her favorite horse comes up lame and is taken to the vet. Feeling sorry for her, he remembers Hilary riding on his shoulders at the beach and volunteers to let her ride him until the horse recovers. As days go by, she starts treating him more and more like a real pony: First pretend hooves, then a harness, then a collar. She rewards his pony-like behavior with handjobs – and punishes him with her crop when he fails to behave like a good pony.
Robert is powerless to stop his transformation, even when she inserts a cruel bit and actual pony boots. He is shocked one day when he is shown-off to other women who also own male ponies.
The women decide to sharpen up his performance. First come higher hooves, then a tighter harness, and finally he’s prettied up with ears and a tail permanently attached.

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