880 Polymorph by Dee Dee Perri

880 Polymorph by Dee Dee Perri
I don’t think men were meant to experience maternal instincts. It was kind’a like lust but on a different plane. A hunger for having a baby had to be some deeply wired brain thing that men just didn’t have, right? I felt a growing helplessness, as a twisted abnormal compulsion rose up inside me. I felt… the certainty of a well-fed, well defined maternal urge, a desire that was as palpable as a teenaged boy’s desire to stick his thingy into a woman, the site and/or woman to be named later. An alien desire that was no longer alien, an instinct upon which humanity’s existence ultimately depended: I wanted to be a mommy! There wasn’t anything more female than that, right? Either that curse had really re-wired my brain or…

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