881 A Perfect World by Rebecca Rafferty

881 A Perfect World by Rebecca Rafferty
Stephen Brace, space jockey, is in a fix, a real fix. He’s made the mistake of docking the Rimrunner Prince, his ship, at the space station known as Perfect. Until he and his crew can come up with enough credits, the ship isn’t going anywhere. But how? Well, there are no natural women on Perfect but there are plenty of men-turned-women and they aren’t expected to do hard manual labor. Faced with that difficult choice, the men decide that life as a woman doesn’t seem all that bad. After surgeries and modification, Stephen is now a beautiful platinum blonde called Jennifer (retaining her male genitalia). As much as Stephen/Jennifer’s mind is screaming that this is all wrong, that’s how much his/her mind is saying it’s exactly right. What to do, what to do?

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