891 The Emperor’s Girls by William Kincaid

891 The Emperor's Girls by William Kincaid
Jim Hughes harbors a deep secret. Since he was a child, he has felt that he should have been born a girl. To express his feminine feelings and to escape his disapproving family, Jim performs as Claudia in a Greenwich Village drag bar. One night he meets Elizabeth who recruits him/her to move to Italy and become one of the The Emperor’s special girls.
The Emperor is an extremely wealthy old man who has a taste for transsexual women. He lives an opulent lifestyle in a palace on top of a hill, financed by money from international drug running. Claudia sees this opportunity as a way to get away from her parents and get the money to afford her sex change surgery. Life with The Emperor is idyllic until a rival gang decides it’s time for him to abdicate his throne.

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