Oh, Brother! by Eleanor Darby Wright

Oh, Brother! by Eleanor Darby Wright
I gasped as she worked her panties right down her stockings, “Samantha, I don’t want to do this!.” She took my penis, my aroused, hard penis, and sort of sat on me. I couldn’t believe what she wanted me to do. I was kissing her as she was doing it. I was holding her tush tight, and was growing as I always did when a woman was touching me all over. But the thing was that I was sliding my aroused manhood into her tush as if it belonged there. Her hands helped me to enter and penetrate her wiggling tush.
Samantha demanded, “Who am I?” as I clung to her garters and caressed her soft skin while I kissed her chest, the French scent arousing me so. I was inside her tight passage. I was entering a woman… if I ignored the other hard thing pressing against my abdomen.

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