935 The Maryanns by Blind Ruth

935 The Maryanns by Blind Ruth
Maryann was a name given to men who dressed in women’s clothes in Victorian times. This story is set in the 1870s and follows the adventures of two young Maryanns, Fanny and Stella and an older Maryann named Helen. Mrs. Myra Bates runs a house of ill repute full of such men dressed in frocks. Her house is frequented by many of the nobility and well-off men in London, even royalty.
It has even been known for some in high position to be seen in the bedchambers of the Maryanns in Mrs. Bates’ house. Myra Bates always kept well in with the law and knew how to supply their secret perversions. Most Maryanns would never escape the life of the prostitute. The three this story follows, however, have loftier ambitions and harbor dreams of a better life, perhaps even living as nobility.

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