939 TT Girl 3 by Charlotte Mayo

TT Girl 3 by Charlotte Mayo
In Part Three of this exciting tale, told from the perspective of Claudia, Marc/Michaela continues his/her exploration of the world of femininity. Marc discovers that not everyone is put off by his transvestism. To the contrary, there are those (of both genders) who find his extremely convincing disguise very titillating. Claudia is one. She is not only not repulsed by Marc becoming the beautiful Michaela, she is very turned-on by it.
Before long Claudia and Marc are having a serious relationship, which Michaela is an important part of. Marc is flattered when he is invited to be a bridesmaid as his female alter ego and Claudia thinks that is a wonderful idea. Things continue from there until Marc has to testify in court-as Michaela-in an assault case. As much as he adores being an attractive female in public, Marc is terrified about the prospect of having to appear before a judge in a dress.

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