945 Marooned on a Class Trip by BC

Marooned on a Class Trip by BC
It was just a simple class trip, albeit to a somewhat exotic destination on a South Atlantic island. It was just supposed to be fun in the sun for the about-to-graduate kids from Maple Hill High. Jim is the pre-eminent school jock and Eddie is the kind of boy even those who went to school with him since the first grade struggle to remember.
When a rogue storm pushes the plane off course and causes it to crash into the sea, the two have to work together to get to land and survive. The only clothes that fit skinny Eddie from the suitcases that wash up on shore are for girls. Since his options are wear them or go naked, Eddie has no choice but to put them on. In one of the suitcases is a bottle of what the boys assume are vitamins. The “vitamins” are actually female hormones and birth control pills. Soon, Eddie’s body starts to change radically.

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