She Made Me Her Obedient Crossdressed Husband III

She Made Me Her Obedient Crossdressed Husband III
By Janice Wildflower Gemini. In book three, adult married man Robin’s feminization continues as he is forced to enroll in an LGBT high school as a transgender teenage boy who will be attending as a girl; the purpose of which is to learn everything a transgender girl needs to know and to learn how to pass as a girl. Then after an accident, his face and voice are surgically feminized and he is made to look younger. Finally, he finds himself with an after school job as a female secretary.
Robin’s wife, sister and therapist continue to support the fantasy that Robin wants to be a teenage girl. Robyn is trapped and begins to accept his new status as well as his wifely duties. To his horror, he is turned-on by his new life and clothes – and is finding that he wants to continue his crossdressed life as a girl.

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