962 Team Spirit 2 by Deena Gomersall

962 Team Spirit 2 by Deena Gomersall
The story picks up after Chris has been thoroughly feminized by his captors and forced to live as a young woman for several months. Despite the emotional discomfort, Chris has to admit to himself that being pretty isn’t all bad. He takes a job at a seedy local nightclub only to find out that Leroy, the owner, has plans for him.
He is forced into prostitution with the club’s patrons. Leroy even manages to have Chris get breast implants against his will. It seems as if Chris will never be able to return home. How can he possibly face them looking like a sexy young woman? When things seem their bleakest, an unlikely would-be savior arrives on the scene. Rick wants to help Chris with his problem. At the same time, though, he finds himself fighting a powerful attraction to the beautiful girl he knows is actually a guy.

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