677 Tack Room Lover by Monica James


Nora Blanding, equestrian celebrity, is the toast of Patricia Ensler’s ranch. An adoring fan, young student Joni Dorinski, wins favor as an apprentice to Ms. Blanding, caring for her horses. Nora soon changes Joni’s mode of dress to men’s clothing so they can travel together as two male hands from the horse ranch. Joni takes to the guy-garb with gusto and discovers that not all cross-dressers are men. She also finds out that there is a subculture of lesbians who like their girlfriends to be more than a little manly. Joni discovers that there just might be a male inside her struggling to get out.
Print edition: $10.00 – Available at Mags, Inc – Or you can get the full illustrated web edition here for $6.00.

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