678 My Lady of Diamonds by H.B. Kurtzwilde


Abigail Monroe has a secret. Once upon a time, before the American Civil War began, Abigail was Abraham. To avoid having to go off to fight, Abraham became Abigail, a lovely young woman. With her father off in battle, Abigail, along with her mother and sisters, goes to Austin, Texas. With none of the Monroes knowing anyone in Austin, Abigail worries about the fate of her family which she has been put in charge of by her Daddy. Before long, she meets Lawrence Wesker, a local who is more rogue than gentleman. Mr. Wesker is quite taken with Abigail’s charms and, as it turns out, is not put off in the slightest by her secret. If anything, it makes him even more determined to take her as his wife.

Print edition: $10.00 – Available at Mags, Inc – Or you can get the full illustrated web edition here for $6.00.

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