971 Prisoners In Lace by Blind Ruth

Prisoners In Lace by Blind Ruth

What happens when you take hardened criminals like James Gow to Special Unit 69? Instead of 20 years hard labour in a high security prison or the electric chair, there is a special punishment waiting for him. But is it actually a punishment at all? That is what James Gow is about to find out.

James, who is now named Sarah, finds all this almost beyond imagination but realizes that it beats living in a cold cell. Besides, he expects to escape soon. In meantime, he will enjoy the delights of many ladies in the Unit. One such “woman” is Gloria, who, like James was once a man. In fact, all the women in Special Unit 69″ were once men, with the exception of Hilda and Dr. Jacqueline Love. Hilda has plans for Sarah and Gloria of a sexual nature which they are soon to find out about. The Big Question is will they conform to them?

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