974 A Hard Debt to Pay by B C

 Hard Debt to Pay by B C

This is the story of two young football heroes living in a town where football was king. The two young men made a terrible decision one night and it cost them dearly. Drinking and driving never mix. one young girl was killed and another hurt badly because of it. A local judge was tired of these types of cases and decided to make an example of the two young jocks.

Their lives would change in ways no one could have predicted. The judge ruled that, rather than send the boys to jail, she’d require that they replace the two girls. They would have to live, dress, and act like young women 24/7 until the judge decided they had learned their lesson. If that wasn’t humiliating enough for two boys, the dead girl’s aunt decides to further degrade them by slipping female hormones into their systems. Fate takes a hand as the two decide that trading shoulder pads for lacy bras may not be so bad after all.

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