980 Warrior Or Woman by Rebecca Rafferty

Warrior Or Woman by Rebecca Rafferty

Maran is a young man in a world that has some similarity to Earth’s Medieval period. He has the heart of a warrior but also, unfortunately, the build and countenance of a young woman. During a fierce battle with his clan’s chief rivals, he manages to slay several of the enemy. In the fog of war, he is confused for a girl and revered as the reincarnation of a mythical Warrior Woman of legend.

His cousin has always loved to tease him about looking like a girl. After she dresses him like a girl, Maran lives with the clan that has mistaken him for their mythical figure. Not comfortable with his transformation, he is forced to maintain the ruse until he can return to his own people. Unexpected events conspire, however, to keep him in his female guise and he finds, to his amazement, that he is an object of intense attraction for the men of the clan.

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