983 Violette Enters Utopia by Rose Major-McMaster

iolette Enters Utopia by Rose Major-McMaster

Violette Vaulkner is a professor, trained in electrical engineering. She also happens to be a well-endowed, very feminine, TG woman. Dissatisfied with society’s treatment of the transgendered, she is elated when a friend tells her that the mythical land of Utopia is a real place and that it can be arranged for her to travel there. She does so and discovers almost immediately that Utopian society is very welcoming.

She decides to settle there and become a citizen of Utopia. As she settles in to her new existence, she discovers that some Utopian men have a fondness for harxaturai (the Utopian word for transgender women). While this pleases “Lady” Violette, she finds out that there is more to her new life than she previously realized.

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