986 Meet Misti by Dulci Daily

986 Meet Misti by Dulci Daily

Mitch MacCraikie was just your standard issue boy-until puberty hit him. As his hormones kicked in, some of them went a little awry, causing him to develop what his father called “moobs.” Offered the option of having them surgically removed, Mitch surprises his family by opting to keep his new assets and starting to live as a girl named Misti.

His/her mother struggles to understand her child’s choice but has to accept it. For her part, Misti finds herself attracting a crop of admiring male classmates. Testing her newfound female sexuality leads Misti down a road neither she nor anyone else could or would have imagined. As things spiral out of her control, she can’t help imagining what life would be like if she could be the love interest of Ronette, her best friend for many years. Misti’s story resolves itself in unexpected fashion.

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