987 Trapped Into Anime by Nick Lorance

987 Trapped Into Anime by Nick Lorance

Carl Waller is a young man, slight of build who, because of his physique, finds it hard to get a job. His parents are constantly on his back about it. Searching on the web for information about Japanese anime, a longtime interest of his, he finds an application for work at conventions portraying female characters from his favorite films.

With few other options, he applies and to his surprise, is accepted. Feeling awkward in the skimpy and revealing costumes he has to wear in public, he soon realizes that this is an occupation he seems to have been born for. Before he really knows what’s hit him, he has hordes of admiring male fans—most of them male—clamoring to take pictures with him. Occasionally some of them want to cop a feel or two, even knowing that under the “kawaii” outfits is a boy.

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