The Heist A Mags Inc Lesbian Adventure

The Heist, A Mags Inc Lesbian Adventure Novel
Not necessarily your average TG novel as this one deals with lesbian romance and women crossdressing. So take it for what it is; we’re not switching formats or anything it’s just that Mags does different things once in a while. If you are looking for something completely different, this might be the thing. Just don’t say I didn’t tell you. :)

“When Cherise gets caught in the bank deposit line, a robbery takes place. One of the bandits, a girl dressed as a guy, pushes Cherise to the floor. She attacks back, the robber falls to the floor. In the confusion, Cherise picks up one of the sacks of money and walks out. The simplest of acts starts a sequence of events that involves murder and hiding out in the New Orleans French Quarter. With a new romance in bloom, Cherise is still obsessed with the need to avenge her murdered partner She plans to capture the fugitives on a small island in the Caribbean. Unable to break up her romance with Julie, they go together and find romance in the confusion.”

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