681 Accidental Cowgirl by Annie Warren

Marion, an unruly red head of a boy, is sent by his Mom to a ranch run by a relative. Her instructions are to make a more compliant male out of Marion. When he is “accidentally” pricked by a needle used to fertilize cows, the powerful hormones start changing him. Starting slowly, the chemicals accelerate, causing him to grow teenage girl-sized breasts, making his skin smoother, his hair grow and affecting his emotions. Before long, Marion looks more like a pretty Marian, attracting the attention of the ranch hands. How will the boy handle his new body and beauty when it’s time to go back to school?

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Editor’s notes: Category suggests growing up TG. Realistic, No sex, nothing disgusting or fetishistic. This story is rather SHORT (by commercial book standards)… it is about 17,000 words.

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