The Prisoner That Disappeared


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For Maxine and Belinda time just dragged by. Even if their life in prison was easy, it was boring. It was so many boring tasks they had to do, that life was a drag. They just couldn’t wait for their release date. For Tony things were quite different. The job in the library was very rewarding and he met a lot of great guys, both inmates and employees. To the others he would stay there forever and therefore would be there as long as they would there. Neither of the others thought they ever would meet Tony again on the outside. But Tony knew better, after two and a half years he would be out and disappear for good. So in a way it was true that no one would ever meet him at the outside. He knew that Amy was doing her part of the job, it was just to wait for the right time and place. In a little over two years he would be gone, never to be found again.

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