Milligratzi by Michael Jay


#687 – Angelo is a degenerate gambler who has lost a large portion of his Uncle Vincenzo’s money. Vincenzo, who took Angelo in after the death of his parents, isn’t the type to forgive and forget. As the local mob boss, he’s not used to having people take advantage of him and he isn’t about to allow that to happen, even by his nephew.
When Angelo doesn’t take Uncle Vince’s threats seriously, action is taken. Angelo is transformed into Angel, a hot young vixen with a body any man would kill to be with. Even Vince finds himself taken by Angel’s charms. Angel’s feminine “talents” are pressed into service to settle a few of Uncle Vince’s old debts and Angel discovers a secret she never knew about her late parents.

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Editor’s keys: Contemporary, not necessarily realistic, highly sexual, some borderline gross elements early on.

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