Scuffles To Ruffles A Mags Inc Novel

Scuffles To Ruffles a Mags Inc Transvestite Fantasy Novel

“The growing number of sissy boys quickly put a strain on the local school as more time had to be spent on policing and disciplining the unpetticoated boys. Since it was a small school district, their resources were quickly stretched thin. By the end of October Susan Greer confronted the beleaguered school board with the threat of harassment lawsuits. Thus the school board was forced to openly confront the issue of petticoat disciplin… Shortly thereafter a steady influx of disgruntled parents brought their bratty sons into the MISS UNDERSTOOD CLINIC for the ‘special behavioral adjustment treatments’ the school board offered as an alternative to expulsion. By December the problem had been eliminated and fully three fourths of the boys in the school were under petticoat discipline.”

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