689 Miss Katherine’s Fan by Philippa Peters

Miss Katherines Fan

Peregrine Grimond is the rogue son of a British aristocrat. He has abused his position in society by running wild through it, taking advantage of the pretty young women around him. When Lord Douglas Moore discovers that young Mr. Grimond has been slipping into the chamber of Maddie, his ward, disguised as a maid, he hatches a diabolical plan. Soon, Peregrine is transformed into Katherine, a lovely noblewoman who is much admired—and pursued—by the virile young men of the district. In Part One of this saga, we find out that what starts out as a cunning trap for Grimond may not be the worst fate for him.

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Editor’s notes: There is no actual sex in this book, but the main character does kiss a few men.
*Period piece
*Fairly realistic

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