MS KATHERINE’S FANCY by Philippa Peters 692

Miss Katherine's Fancy An Adult TV novel

In Part Two of this saga, the former Peregrine Grimond, now Katherine Grimond, is subjected to more feminine indignities. She is forced to consort with common whores with the threat of being revealed as the man she really is hanging over her head. Over time, however, what began as a forced masquerade become second nature to Katherine. Along the way, Katherine discovers an underground world of titled gentlemen who enjoy dressing us in fancy gowns and competing in beauty pageants. She finds herself succumbing to feelings of attraction to other men—one man, Albert, in particular. Albert, as it turns out, is more than willing to overlook Katherine’s true gender and return her affections. Eventually, Katherine finds out just how strongly he feels about her when she is tricked into becoming his beautiful loving wife.

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Editors notes: *Period piece *Romantic *Sex between a man and a tg/tv as a married couple

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