MY SECRETARY MY BOSS by Annie Warren 693

A her tv novel, My Secretary, My Boss

Gene Acton is the slacker son of a well-to-do businesswoman. If it wasn’t for his Mum’s largess, it is doubtful if Gene could find gainful employment. Seemingly headed for a life of indolence, Gene’s fate changes when Carol comes on board as his new secretary.

Carol, it seems, is not only the most competent secretary Gene has ever had, she also has rather unusual taste in men. Slowly, she coerces Gene into becoming more and more feminine. She also subtly starts switching work roles with him. Before long, a casual observer would think that the dress and high heel-wearing Gene was her secretary, rather than the other way around. Instead of disapproving of this strange change in her son, Gene’s Mum seems to like what’s happening to him. Together, the two women conspire behind the scenes to turn Gene into the kind of young woman who would make an acceptable bride for Carol.

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Editor’s notes: *Realistic *Contemporary *No sex

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