695 Section 9 by April Perkins

Section 9 TG Sci-fi novel
Larry Chadwick is an agent for the government’s top secret Section 9. Larry also has a little secret of his own: he longs to be a woman. After Larry undergoes high-tech surgery to change his gender, he becomes Lidiya, a highly-sexed and very attractive woman. Much to Lidiya’s consternation, she discovers long-suppressed feelings for Phil, her long-time work partner.
Together, Phil and Lidiya work to catch the devious Servers, not-quite-human beings that feed off the sexual energy of homo sapiens. A particularly cunning Server calling herself “Beth Monroe” forces the two agents to make passionate love in order to consume their energy. Section 9 agents aren’t allowed to fall in love, let alone have sex with each other.
As Phil and Lidiya hunt the predatory Servers, her job hangs in the balance. Lidiya is forced to make a gut-wrenching choice between the man she loves and the job she needs.

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Editor’s notes: *Somewhat supernatural *Contains several scenes of blow jobs and fucking *Romantic *Sort of X-Files-like

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