696 GIRL BAND by Charlotte Mayo

Girl Band a Her TV illustrated novel

Sam has a crush on Cally, the lead guitarist and singer in an all-girl band. When one of the girls quits, Sam is pressed into service as her replacement. He’s happy to be there as it allows him to be near the girl he loves. When Meverick, an eccentric manager comes into their lives, though, things change quickly and radically. Meverick thinks that Sam should disguise himself as a girl to fit into the band. Despite misgivings, Sam goes along reluctantly for the good of the band. To everyone’s surprise, the band becomes popular, producing several Number One hits. Sam is stuck in his feminine role. He begins to realize, though, that not only does he not mind being a hot chick in an all-girl band, but is starting to enjoy it. Sam finds that both men and women are attracted to the beautiful young woman he has become.

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Editor’s notes: *Realistic *Contemporary *No heavy sex

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