699 Cross Town Girl by Heather Berdrow

09699 Cross Town Girl by Heather Berdrow

Timmy has been keeping a secret from his friends and family. For as long as he could remember, Timmy felt he should have been born a girl. Now starting high school, the pressure he felt inside was growing. Fortunately for Timmy, Cindy Stuart, his English Lit. teacher, understands exactly what he is going through. She, too, grew up as a boy who dreamed of being a girl. She takes him on as her pet project. In the process, Timmy discovers he isn’t the only boy in town who feels the same way he does. There are other transgendered teens around…and some of them are attracted to girls like themselves. Even Cindy Stuart finds a compatible girlfriend. Timmy becomes Tammy and discovers that there can be love for transsexual girls…with both genders. There can even be motherhood.

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Editor’s notes: *Realistic *Contemporary *Mostly Her TV except… *Some sex with males and females

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