700 Dean of Women by Monica James

09700 Dean of Women by Monica James special edition
Our 700th novelette, can you believe it? To celebrate, we’ve made this special edition – which means more pictures! Also, the preview edition is longer than usual …so everyone can enjoy!

When the Dean of Women Maureen Arundel discovered the Q-Angle Fit it added a new dimension to her life. The only time she dressed as a woman was at her office. The rest of the time she appeared as a suave male set on spending all of the Arundel estate she could manage.
It was a good life until she became smitten with a lovely college coed named April Danton. Although against ethics and university protocol, she couldn’t resist plying the young girl with strong drinks and lesbian charm.
Follow the sex lives of beautiful people all firmly bonded by their mutual interest in the Q-Angle Fit, an exercise device designed to help transvestites learn to walk like a man.

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