Making The Team by Philippa Peters 701

701 Making The Team by Philippa Peters
Morgan Miller lives to play basketball. He dreams of playing on a college team, then for the pros. At five foot six, though, his dream seems unattainable. Nevertheless, he applies to every college he can find and is overjoyed when he gets a scholarship offer from Paloma State. What he doesn’t realize is that Paloma only has a women’s basketball team. When Coach Smith realizes the mistake she has made in offering him a place on her team, she comes up with a plan. Morgan can play on the team…if he’s willing to live as a girl. She’ll help him keep his secret from everyone. Morgan becomes Maggie, a star player on the girls’ team who discovers that her feminine charms are not lost on the men of the campus, especially hunky Lance Irvine, varsity football player.

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