Dean Of Women 2, Walk Like A Man by Monica James 703

703 Dean Of Women 2, Walk Like A Man

Continues the story begun in book 700, Dean Of Women …Follow the exhilarated transvestite, Maureen Arundel, as she basks in the acceptance of the ‘Q-Angle Fit’ she funded with the Arundel family funds. Publicity is good and there are potential franchise sites for stunning April Danton to visit.
The Dean of Women is busy introducing her young charges to the world of cross-dressing. Her experience and appeal uncovers a personality quirk that the girls find exciting. April Danton visits San Francisco to establish yet another franchise. She lodges with a brother of her roommate, Jayne Lansing, in the Castro neighborhood. It is always a new adventure for the beautiful ‘boy’ plugging her ‘Q-Angle Fit’ while overwhelmed by the parade of San Francisco transvestites. Everyone wants to ‘walk like a man.’

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