704. My Lady of Sapphires by H. B. Kurtzwilde

09704 My Lady of Sapphires
Suzanne Thatcher is a young woman, skilled in painting who works in a small factory filling in details on pottery intended for those richer than herself. Unlike the other girls in the workshop, however, Suzanne harbors a secret. She is actually a young man who left his family to be able to live as the woman he always felt he truly was. Suzanne has resigned herself to a life of loneliness…until Anthony, a talented and handsome artist comes into her life. Not only is Anthony not put off by her gender deception, he is all the more attracted to her because of it. Anthony is determined to take Suzanne from her life of poverty and give her the life of a proper lady and wife. His romantic plan is jeopardized, however, by prudish members of society who disapprove of their love.

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