705. From Jamie With Love # 4 by Jamie

Three short-short Her TV tales: In The Rancher’s Daughter, at the turn of the last century, rural housewife Meg wishes for a daughter she can fuss over. Disappointed by giving birth to a son, she decides to raise Leslie as a girl. Leslie actually believes he is a girl, until he reaches puberty and his mother realizes she can no longer maintain the deception. Leslie is faced with a dilemma. Should he become a man and follow in his father’s cowboy footsteps or stay as a girl and make his mother happy?

The Limo Scene presents the story of three teenage boys who act up in a local mall and find themselves facing the town sheriff. Wanting to spare them criminal records, ruining their lives, the sheriff decides on a unique punishment. The boys will have to work in the mall…as girls. The question is, is this really punishment or do the boys come to appreciate the female lifestyle and all it entails?

In Contract For Lance, Lance thinks he is agreeing to a simple arrangement to sire a child for Susan. Little does he know that Susan has far more in mind for the young man. Soon, he finds himself a prisoner in her basement as she plots to turn him into the woman of her dreams. In time, Lance becomes a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and finds himself becoming Laurel and falling in love with his captor. Eventually, Lance/Laurel proposes to Susan and fathers her child.

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